Hey, I'm Chloe, the Creator at

Vibe + Flow.

I help people create an intentional life, through manifestation, mindset + money mindset. 

"Since starting the 90-day journal, I have found or created something wonderful every day.

The journal has encouraged me to set intentions for each day, no matter how big or small, and understand the small I can do to improve my outlook and approach to daily challenges and setbacks.

A wonderful way to start and end the day with gratitude. I am calmer, more mindful and have nothing but full faith in this process! I’ve since bought one for a friend so we can share the journey together. 

Thank you Chloe and Vibe & Flow - you change lives!!! " - Anna Ward, Founder of Cake Drop.

Our Core Products

We have a trio of standalone products that are designed to work in harmony together. We have the journal that takes care of your energy, the wall planner that help you take action + the membership that helps you with consistency.

The Membership.


Our membership is an on-demand site where you can filter out resources based on how you are feeling or how you want to feel.

These resources will help you harness the power of your mind. Resources range from 60 second 'quick wins' to in-depth ebooks + videos. 

We cover topics around mindset, manifestation + money mindset.

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The 90 Day Journal

Our journal is a great entry to the world of manifestation. 

Inside the journal you will find an introduction to the 12 Universal Laws, + The Steps of Manifesting.

The prep steps to help you get ready + set your goals for the 90-day period. You then have your daily log, which takes 5 minutes to do / day.

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The 90 in 90 Wall Planner

Our 90 in 90 wall planner helps you marry action together with feeling. 

It was created to gain clarity + build momentum without overwhelm.

The idea is that you work on your goals for 90 minutes per day for 90 days whilst being intentional with the way you show up as a person + to step into the next version of you.


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"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." - Muhammad Ali

A quote I live by. Here are 3 ways I try to serve...

The Manifestation Muse.


A message downloaded from my soul, to yours.

One of the ways I try to serve is through the monthly manifestation muse. 

This monthly email is designed to uplift + inspire you on your journey. 

A message from my soul to yours. 

Join for free here.


The Podcast.

If I am honest, this is a place to chat to you. I thought about doing a guest podcast (as I do love them), but for me right now, I want to use this platform to chat to you in my own authentic way. So expect short but sweet little check-ins from yours truly. I hope you come away feeling loved + inspired. This podcast is actually hosted as me as an individual, talking all about intentional living and all that includes.



A place to hang out + be Internet friends as if I am honest I have met some of my great IRL pals over there!

Are we connected on Insta? I love sharing videos + tips + little reminders to be intentional with your life. I would love to see you over there.