The 'Manifest It' 90 in 90 Wall Planner. 


Manifestation momentum in action.

Introducing... the wall planner that is designed with manifestation + mindset techniques in mind.

It helps you gain clarity + focus on your goals so that you can take consistent action without getting overwhelmed. 

No dates required so that you can start whenever you are ready to take massive action in a relaxed way. 

Work on your goal for 90 minutes, for 90 days, this is the 90 in 90 approach. 

The 'Manifest It' 90 in 90 Wall Planner helps you bring focus + intention into your everyday... you can continue to build momentum, even when life gets 'busy'. 

I tried SO many wall planners + although I loved them, I struggled with knowing where to draw my attention. Consistency was always a struggle for me. 

I needed to find a solution. That’s when inspiration struck.

A wonderful friend gifted me a book called ‘Build Your Business In 90 Days’ and while some of the strategies were outdated; the concept was very much relevant: spend a concentrated amount of time on your business (or whatever your mission is) every day and it will grow.

The thing I love about the '90 minute mark’ is that it’s enough time to get shit done. Also, no matter whether you are a freelancer, a multi-business owner, a full-time parent, a student, 90 minutes CAN be carved out of your day, if you really want to. I am not saying it would be easy, but it’s achievable! 

90 minutes a day to move your goal along and to gain momentum. 


And this doesn’t need to be about just business, this can relate to your fitness goals, your mental health- whatever it is you are striving for. 

How Manifestation + Mindset Play’s Its Part.

When we state our goals...


The part where we clearly declare our goals is so we get the constant reminder as to what we are working towards so we can shut out the ‘noise’ and focus on taking aligned, inspired action.


When we set our intentions...

We are making a decision on what we want and need to do. We are deciding what kind of vibe we want for the upcoming days, and then we can ensure that our actions align with what we want. 

When we complete our 90-minute sessions…

We are taking inspired action. As we know, for something to show up in our physical reality we must take physical action.

The questions  ‘the person I want to be…’ and ‘what I want to have'...


Prompts you to get in alignment so you can start thinking and acting in the reflection of the desires you want.

‘How I want to feel…’ and ‘what I need to do…’


Helps you release to receive. We are focusing on the process, but not getting unnecessarily obsessed with the result.

The question ‘how I am going to raise my energy’….

Helps you raise your vibrational frequency to your desire. An energetic up level is fundamental, priming our mind for success. 

How It

1. You take your top 3 goals that you wish to achieve within the 90 days. Top tip, for ultimate happiness, ensure that they are internal goals as opposed to external. 

2. I also suggest picking 1 ‘Wild Card Goal’; this is an extra goal, with no pressure, simply to have fun with!



3. You then take those 4 goals and set intentions for them for every 10 days to move them forward to completion.  

4. So, for example, let’s say that one of your big goals is to produce a new product. One of the intentions for that next 10 day period could be to develop a draft or promo type of that product. It is essentially a way of mapping out your route to accomplishing those goals, without getting overwhelmed. 

5. Then every day you work on those goals for 90 minutes in total. Consistency is key. 

6. So even if you have a crazy day, which feels unproductive, you know that you are still moving closer to your goals. It removes all the overwhelm and guilt. 

7. On the other side, we have 6 prompts to help you step into the ‘next version of you’. Fill them in before starting your 90 day period or as you go. These prompts act as continuous food for thought.