Virtual Coffee Chats.

The online friendship coffee date.

Working on your own thing can be lonely at times, this, combined with a lot of focus on fear, and uncertainty from the coronavirus, I wanted to provide a safe space where we could all come together for a good old fashioned chinwag- in a modern digital way.

Our first virtual meet-up will be on Thursday 19th March at 3:30 pm. 

It is completely free to come.


And do not worry about the awkwardness, my pal Alice Benham will be coming live with me and we will kick off the chat and you can then just join in! 

The Lowdown.

So what is the plan? At 3:30 pm on Thursday, I will be opening the chat.

You can join by simply downloading Zoom (it's free) and clicking this link at the time above.

You can then decide whether to have your video on or not.

Alice and I will kick it off and then come and say 'hey' when you join!

Put aside around 40 minutes to an hour to come to join in! 

Bring your coffee, tea, water, or whatever floats your boat, and come soak up the high vibes of friendship.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


If you want to chat before then, please come and drop by in the Vibe and Flow Facebook Group!


Much love,


Chloe xox​

Serving You...

I will be keeping my mailing list up to date with all things coffee chat, so if you want to join the list, you can do so by signing up to one of the free challenges that are available to you or, if you just want to join the mailing list and none of the challenges there is a link to do so below.

Please note, this is only to serve you if you want them, you do not need to sign up to anything to join in with the chat, you simply need to click on this link on Thursday 19th of March at 3:30 pm.

The Consistency Challenge.

The Money + Sales Mindset Challenge. 

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