Look I get it. 
You are busy, working on your goals, making genuine connections and working towards that idea of freedom + success. Whatever that looks like to you.
The problem though?
Having the time.
Having the direction.
Having the focus. 
Having the reminder.
To work on your mindset on a consistent basis.
Can you relate?
It is kind of like the chicken or the egg thing right? The mindset helps you prime your mind to do 'the thing' whether that is creating meaningful relationships, or a successful career or a financially sustainable business, or weight loss, whatever it is that is important to you. 
But you need it to blend into your lifestyle so you still have time to take the action on those things. As we all know that physical action is fundamental for something to manifest into your physical reality, aka your life!
So this is why I created this membership. And to be honest, it really was about developing something that could really serve.
I worked really closely with the first founding members to create something that could be part of your life. 
I like to think of it, as gym for your soul.  
I played around with the type of content, the price point, the accountability offering, tiers and this is what I have come to...
Each month, you will receive a bundle within this bundle you get:
4 training videos around one specific topic. The reason why I have chosen to do 4 mini-trainings which equate to an hour give or take is that we found that you can then easily listen to them on the go + come back and make notes later. This helps you blend the mind food into your day to day life.
Also in the bundle is a 4 action point tasks. 
We know as I have already said that action needs to be taken. So the idea with these action points is that they take 10 minutes or less to complete and take you further towards your desire that you wish to manifest.
This helps you build consistency + momentum.
We discovered that having a resource such as audio, a worksheet, an ebook or something of the like, that supported the training really helps you cement and apply the concepts to your own life. 
So, that's what we also include in the monthly bundle. 
So as you can see, this really helps you break it all down and blend it into your life. 
But there was one more thing to cover. 
Life gets crazy at times, right? I don't need to tell you that. 
So there may be times in which self-development needs to take a back seat but you do not want to lose that momentum you worked so hard to build SO what we created is a resource called The Source. 
The Source is a small monthly dose of manifestation and mindset that you can consume in the form of an email 
The last thing was that reminder, support and accountability aspect. 
In the delievery of the monthly bundle there is a Typefrom in which will help.
I like to reference it as an intereactive journaling experience.
A time to debrief from the month, evaluate what is working and what you want to work 
This is also a chance for you to submit 
I can then create content that will help you 
The last thing we included was an on-demand area that you can visit on... well demand.
Full of resources, videos and downloads to help you understand the pillars of manifestation and mindset and then to go from there
This is an ever-growing area that you will have access to 24/7. So if you get those 3 am thoughts and need some guidance, you can log in and get it!
This is NOT for you if...
You are unsure about the benefits of working on your mindset. 
I am not trying to 'convince' anyone about the power of mindset, so with the greatest amount of love, I do not think we will be the best fit.
This is for you if...
You are ready to take action.
You are ready to step into that next version of you. 
You are ready to take back the power.
You are ready to have the help and support to create a consistent mindset journey. As we all know consistency helps you manifest quicker.