The Intentionally You Membership is a

Content-Based Membership designed to help you keep in alignment with your goals and prime your mind

Everything you need is already inside of you.


You just need to learn how to unlock those answers.




When you learn how to reprogram and direct your subconscious mind while genuinely listening to your intuition, you align your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs with the desire that you want.



And what happens when you consistently take aligned action?

What happens when you think consistently aligned thoughts?

What happens when you consistently feel aligned with your desire?

What happens when your beliefs consistently line up with those desires?



This all becomes apart of your dominant energy- aka how you show up for your life.


You start showing up in alignment, which naturally manifests (aka bring into fruition) your desires.

How We Help

The keyword there is ‘consistently’. And that is what we help you within the Intentionally You Subscription.


  • We do this by teaching the actionable side of manifestation and mindset. 

  • We deliver tidbits via email.

  • Deeper level work through masterclasses. 

  • And on-demand, manifestation techniques, guidance and resources via our online, easy access hub.

  • Think manifestation worksheets, standards trackers, money mindset intention stetting sheets...


As an Intentionally You Member, you receive a monthly masterclass, weekly emails and all-access pass to our on-demand hub.

If you are ready to take action, then click here to sign up to the current price of £10 a month, which is the price you will lock-in.

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I strongly believe that your intuition leads you to the right people, resources and opportunities once you have set your intentions in motion.

So if you have been thinking about growing, shifting, evolving, expanding, then I think you are here for a reason...