Show up for the life you want through the actionable and tangible side of manifestation and mindset.


Energy Exchange

Every 90 days (excluding October through to December)  I work with 6 people on a 1-1 basis.


I have now created a formula for manifesting your goals in a really actionable and tangible way.

Parts of that formula is delivered through my products and my membership.

But the full monty, the 360-degree formula is includes 1-1 sessions. 


This is called my 90-day abundance package which also includes those products and membership.

This is an energy exchange. I am not about to go full 'woo' on you, but it is important to understand that you need to WANT to be helped.

I totally get it. We live in a life where there is always something to do and some 'master plan' to follow. 

But what if we have all the answers within?

What if we know how to achieve the goals that fulfil us but we cannot hear amongst the noise and chatter. 

Together we will clear the fog, get crystal clear on the vision and understand how to harness your power within so that you are confident in your own ability and offering.

We will build that consistency through your rituals and standards and map out a path to achieve your 90-day goals...

Show up for the life you deserve.

The 90 Day Abundance Package. 

Investment in yourself: £1111 split over 3 months.


£999 if paid in full.

The 90 Day Abundance Goal Package.



My most immersive product and service hybrid yet, this is where we come together to really get things done, the full 360, the full monty package. Where together, we help you step into your higher self in an actionable and practical way.


Over a 3 month process, I use a collective of my products, both physical and digital to help you achieve your 90-day goals and change your mindset using manifestation. Let me take you through it...



What do we work on?

Full 360 we look at every element of your life (they are all connected) and see what is a priority. From relationships to career, to weight loss, we all have different things that are blocking us from living a life we love.

End Results

How are we taking you from A to B?


Through my 3 step ethos, we are going to...

Clear on Vision

How to figure out what you want and get really clear on what that looks like.

How To Access The Inner Guidance

How to figure out how to actually show up for the life you want. Aka what that looks like in an actionable sense.

How To Be Consistent

How to figure out how this blends into your life.

What do you get?

  • 2 x 90-minute calls.

  • 2x 1-hour calls

  • Calls split over 3 months. Please see split in the timeline below.

  • Action Points. Based on your weekly accountability video you will be given action points that will start to form your road map.

  • Weekly Accountability Videos- via Loom. You will get sent a weekly email with a check-in form. This is a form of interactive journaling. I will then review your answers over a video with feedback.

  • Access to all U membership resources for 12 months. 

  • 90-day journal + wall planner.


Through my 3 step manifestation ethos, I will teach you how to get clear on your vision, access your inner compass and be consistent. Here is a timeline breakdown as to how we do it...

Timeline Break Down

Sign up.

After your discovery call (this is to see if we are the right fit, this is not a coaching session), you will have the option to sign up. If you proceed, you will pay your first month. This will be done prior to our first month working together.


You will get your 90 in 90 Wall Planner and Journal as well as access to the membership.

First Call

Step "Knowing of Energy". 90 minutes.


In this first call we will star to map out your vision.

We will create a roadmap, your 4 weeks worth of tailored action points.

Weekly Video Recordings


Each week we will deliver a Typefrom check-in session to you.


These are a series of questions that will help us check in with where you are at and where you need support.



From these questions, we will create a personalised Loom video recording where we will talk about how to overcome your challenges and celebrate your wins.

Second Call 1 hour.


Step "Identification of Higher Self".


Check-in from the previous month.

Formulate a plan as to how you can show up for the vision of the life you want.


These will be clear points on what that action looks like and how to identify it.  

Weekly Video Recordings


Again, you will receive your weekly Typefrom check-in sessions with Loom video feedback.

Third Call 1 hour.


Step "Taking Action Higher Self".

Checking in from the previous month.

Taking the action from your higher self.

Setting standards and rituals to support the action required.

Weekly Video Recordings


Again, you will receive your weekly Typefrom check-in sessions with Loom video feedback.

Forth Call 90 minutes.


Send off.

Checking in from the previous month.

Answering any miscellaneous questions you may have.

Setting your goals for the next period.

Is this the right package for you?

  • If you desire to get really clear with what it is that you want and to remove all the mental clutter that is distracting you from achieving your goals.

  • To clear the mental fog and create a clear and tailored plan to help you get to where you want.

  • If you need help being consistent.

  • If you need help getting guidance for what is right for your life from within. 

  • To learn how the actionable and tangible side of manifestation can help you.

  • To be more confident in yourself.

  • To create rituals and standards to support the life you want on an ongoing basis.

Get Started

There is currently no availability for 1-1 packages right now. To hear about my 6 slots available for January 2020 then please join the waitlist for all updates.