The Scripting Mini Program

Are you looking for a daily ritual to keep yourself consistently showing up?


Are you looking for a way to align your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs with what it is you desire?


Are you looking for a tool to help guide you there?

I am so excited and grateful that for whatever reason you are here and that you are thinking about getting intentional with your manifestation journey.

Manifestation is simply a process of alignment.

Your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs create your results. 

So you are always manifesting, all you need to do, to create your desired results is shape those thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs to become in alignment with your vision, on a consistent basis.

That is what scripting helps you do.

So what is scripting?

Scripting is simply a visualisation technique that helps you reprogram and direct your subconscious mind to start working for you.

You write as if you already have your desires which essentially unlocks parts of your mind and directs your subconscious mind to work FOR you.

Together we are going to get you set up with scripting so you can start harnessing it in your own life.

So how are we going to do this?

First, we are going to walk you through an intro to scripting. 

This introduction is written so you can really digest the snippets of information that will help you understand. 

It is delivered simply, in bite-sized tidbits that you get to tick off as you go.

Video Training + Downloadable Guide.

Next, is the training part of the program, this is where I sit down with you, via pre-recorded video and talk you through the process of scripting, how it helps and how you can implement it into your life.

I will be following a guide book that I have created, which will be available for you to download and follow along with. This guide features the steps, process, do’s and don’s, templates and more!

21 Prompts

Then, after you have completed the video training, you get to tick this off too, and you can see your progress on the left-hand side of the hub that you will get forever access to… 

By this point, you will have a grasp of what scripting really is, why it is important and how to utilise it for whatever you want in life, from business wins, to relationships, to money and beyond.

But the next challenge that we will be overcoming is getting you started and guiding you through to be consistent with this new ritual.

SO… I have 21 days of prompts for you so you have guidance on what to action next, that will be in the hub too.

Guided Scripting Session.

But my FAVOURITE part is that I have recorded a guided scripting session for you, which is basically an audio that guides you through a scripting practice. 

You simply press play, follow the guided steps, listen to the calming rain sound and fall into a flow state with your scripting.


Once the short recording is done, your scripting session is completed.


All you need is a notebook and a pen!

Next Steps...


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