Energy and Action Alignment Sessions.

A one-one session to refocus and align you with you goals. 

Align with the life you want to design.

To design the life you want you must get into alignment with the life you want.

And that looks like consistently showing up in a concentrated way.

And that is what I will be helping you with, within our session.

I know that sometimes you find yourself stuck in an energetic rut and you need something to help raise your vibrations and simply the next action steps- and that looks differnt to everyone. 

So that is why I have opened 8 sessions a month to work on exactly that on a one-one basis. 

So if you are ready to feel lighter. 

If you are ready to feel inspired. 

If you want to gain clarity...



Then click check out now.  

Get Started


So, you have decided to claim action and get started… what are the next steps?



  1. Click through the check out link below.

  2. You will then get access to the Collective which is a portal containing your next steps.

  3. You will be able to book a time for your session that suits you via this portal.

  4. There is also a Mind Clearing Form, which is basically an interactive form that helps you clear out your mind prior to our session and helps me prepare to serve you.

  5. I will then call you or send you a Zoom link ahead of our session.

  6. During our session we will go through a process to help you gain clarity and comfort. We will identify actionable next steps to help you move forward and gain momentum. 

Is it for you?

I have manifested my partner. 
My dog.
Beautiful homes and experiences.
Weight-loss (4 stone in total).
And way more...

I can help you, if you are ready.

It is ok if you are drained.

It is ok if you feel stagnant or stuck.

This session offers the ability to get really focussed and purposeful with your life quickly and easily. 

We of course have out membership and other products to help you work through your limiting beliefs on your own but this session is really about guiding you.

Idendifying your next action.

Offering your comfort and clarity.

Working through it together...

So if you are ready for that, I know I will see you soon.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to

What do we cover? 

We can cover anything you wish within the realm of mindset, manifestation, money mindset and intentional productivity.




And we will most likely blend a few of them together as this is very much about serving you and giving you what you need in that moment.