When you think about sales, how do you feel?

Does it leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Questioning your business, ideas or self-worth?

Do you find sales ‘icky’ and unnatural? 


So let me share something that may be an ‘aha’ penny drop moment...

Sales happen naturally when we take inspired action.



When inspired action is not taken, it becomes stagnant energy.



So those times where you have...

  • Overthought it, or...

  • You planned and took no action or...

  • You felt that ‘niggle’ to do something but did not do anything about it… that was all inspired action that has turned into stagnant energy, which has more than likely left you feeling frustrated and annoyed.


Which leads to those negative feelings and mindset around sales, which in turn means you either take no action or show up from a low attraction point. Neither of which is good for attracting your ideal customers and sales. 

Inspired action +

Working in flow state + Intentionally Showing up Consistently = Mindset Shift Around Sales.

Here’s the thing… 


Sales do not need to be icky and unauthentic.


That is simply a story that we have learnt.


You simply create something that someone wants and tell them about it. 


And whether you have a personal brand or business, you ARE selling something.


  • Selling CAN feel good.

  • Selling CAN serve people in a genuine way.

  • Selling CAN be fun!


And that is what I am going to help you with when you sign up to the 31 Day program.

The Program


Over the course of these 31 days, we are going to work on permanently changing your perception around sales and attracting your tribe.


Whether you are running a business, building a personal brand or both, the way you approach sales and attracting your tribe is essential for growth.


What this looks like...


  • On the 1st of March, you will receive the training video that is aimed to help you re-lay your foundations around your sales mindset and attraction.

  • For the subsequent days, you will receive an email each day with a mindset shift or new perception accompanied by some form of action to take.

  • The Mid-way check-in call and training. I will be checking in, with a group call midway through to ensure you are not falling off track.

  • On the 31st of March, you will receive your ‘send off’ training which will talk about consistency, rituals and next steps. 

What you are buying.


  • 1 x Resetting training.

  • 31 Days of emailed mindset shifts, prompts and action steps.

  • 1 Mid-way group check-in call and hybrid.

  • Send off training to help you set your next steps and continue your journey after the program had ended.

What you are getting.


  • An offer of a new perception to take.

  • The release of the ‘old’ way of selling. 

  • Step by step, day by day guide as to take action without overwhelm. 

  • A way to tie up all of your old, limiting beliefs.

The Decision/ What happens When You Click ‘Buy’...

1. Within 24 hours of checking out, you will receive a welcome email, containing a few prep steps to get you started before the start of the program.

2. On the 1st March, the program will begin!

Full Transparency.


This challenge will be evergreen, but the bonus of signing up now are the two following reasons:

1. The ability to listen to the check-in call and training live, so I can answer all of your questions.


2. The early-bird price. Yes, this price will be going up after the first initial 31 days.


Things to note…


This is NOT a program teaching you how to sell in the traditional sense. We are focusing on changing your mindset around sales so you can get out of your own way. 

This is for you if...


  • You are ready to step into the story of sales being fun and intuitive.

  • You are building a business or personal brand.

  • You want to intentionally step into the next version of you.

This is not for you if...

  • You want a traditional sales course or information about investments. 

  • You are not ready to commit. I am not trying to sound so dramatic here, but we are going through a process of