The Actionable Side of Manifestation Journaling Prompts.

90 Journal Prompts to help you apply the actionable side of manifestation to get out of your own way and show up for the life you want.

Journaling can help you whether you are in a state of flow, growth, or… dispair.

And I know that may sound dramatic, but I speak from experience.


Journaling has helped me through the not so great times as well as the times of growth and the good.


Life ebbs and flows, but by having a constant tool that is at easy access at all times allows you to grow in that vulnerability.

It has literally changed my life and has been a constant standard.

But what does it mean to journal?

Have you ever wondered how you could use journaling to manifest the creation of your life?

Do you like the idea of journaling, but you never know what to write or even have the time to do it in the first place?

Have you struggled with journaling in the past?

Or maybe you are a fan of journaling but want to take it to the next level?


I totally get you (more than you know).


Which is why, we are sharing with you, 69 of the game-changing journal prompts that have helped me manifest my partner, dog, travel, 4 stone in weight loss, money, and more.

Within this download, we are going to look at… 


  • What If Your Time is Now? An Introduction to the Next Version of You.

  • Getting The Most Out Of The Process.

  • Why Journal?

  • What Is Journaling?

  • How To Journal.

  • A Suggested Manifestation Journaling Routine.

  • How To Build The Habit of Journaling.

  • 69 journal prompts. 

  • Each question comes with coaching guidance. 

  • Commitment letter to set your intentions.

Journaling Can Help​ To...


  • Manifest your goals.

  • Reduce anxiety.

  • Reduce decision fatigue.

  • Self-discovery and growth.

  • Boost confidence.

  • Map out and accomplish goals with guidance.

  • Problem-solving.

  • Up-levelling your life. 

  • Bringing in intention.

  • Increasing happiness levels.

  • Think clearly.

  • Coaching/ being there for yourself. 

  • Shift energetically in a massive way with speed and ease.

Journaling allows you to not only take back your power; but harness it.

These prompts will help you tune into the energy of what it is that you want to manifest so you can shift into the version of you who is ready to receive it. 

So if this feels aligned with you...

If you feel inspired to take action and download these prompts...

Then I look forward to sharing these prompts with you so that you can VERSION UP...

Want to get started? Start manifestation journaling now...