Intentional Productivity Program.

An on-demand program, delivered in bite-sized modules to help you get things done in a way that feels good.

Working on your goals, desires and dreams is not always easy. 

You are emotionally involved, and I get that- because I am too.

When you are working on your goals you’re not just ticking off boxes on a to-do list but rather trying to have fun while create a  life you love for you and the ones you love. 


Just as we are intentional and energetically invested in our dreams.

It makes sense that the way we go about it, should be intentional and energetically led too. 

That’s why I have created the Intentional Productivity Program.

A program to help you, remove resistance, build momentum and take intuitive action.

In essence, we are blending mindset, with productivity. 

What You Need To Know

On the 1st of June, you will gain access to the program! 

The program is broken down into modules and bite-sized content for easy access and little resistance. 

You will have everything all in one place!

Let’s be real…

And start with some transparency… 


Most of the books, programs, and audio resources that you have listened to would not have been implemented in your life.

Therefore have had little impact. 

And this is not your fault. It is the way the mind works. 

You consume the content with your conscious mind, which is only  5%  of your mind.

And your subconscious mind is a whopping 95% of your mind- but that learns differently. 

Which basically means you can read a book, take a program, listen to some form of audio and you will take in around 5% or less… let alone implement it.

So what is the solution here? 

To make lasting change, we must work with repetition (one of the most effective and lasting ways to teach your subconscious mind).

And that is why I have structured this program in a specific way…

> We are delivering the program in an interactive guide style. 

> You will have a module covering a particular element of the program. 

> There is something to suit every learner or whatever it is you have time for.

> Each module contains a written part, audio and video, so you can learn on your terms.

> Digest the content in the way that feels good as that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

> I am giving you the tools, resources and map to create your own way of working intuitively.

> I mean, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be very intuitive if I just TOLD you what to do. 

We are talking tangible tips to plan our your week. 
We are talking a way to capture (and actually action) your thoughts. 
We are talking about sharing rituals and routines that reduce overwhelm (yes really). 

By structuring the program in this way we make it easier to go back and implement each module. 

It makes it easier to blend into your day.

And best of all, it makes it easier to introduce repetition as you can take the tips that you feel inspired to do, make them part of who you are and what you do and then come back to the module to learn and implement more.