Want to have a positive mindset but have no idea how to maintain that when things do not go right?

Are you ready to unleash your inner Insta babe? She's waiting for you...

How many times have you felt the following...

Maybe I should just give up on this whole Instagram lark? My account is not growing.
What’s the point when the algorithm keeps changing?
No one seems to engage in my posts.
Why does no one comment on my photos?
I am tired of people who do not care about my content following me- I want people who care.
I want to find my ideal client through Instagram, but I struggle.
I want to discover like-minded people through this tool, but I don't know where to start.
I have no strategy; I don't know where to go to get this.
I have no idea how to apply the knowledge I learn about Instagram to my own account.
I want to grow but have a low budget and do not want to spend much.

Want to know a secret? There is a way.

In short:

By following tried and tested steps and formulas.

What's my story?

When I decided to start growing my following on Instagram, I had 100 followers. 
My own FRIENDS were not even following me.
I had no direction.
I would post hashtags weeks after posting the photos.
I had no mission. 
I didn’t even know what a mission was.

I also went through my fair share of over filtered photos and song lyrics as captions.



I then got my game together.
I saw lots of growth, very quickly. 
I was posting up to 3 times daily.

It was going great…


But then the algorithm changed. 
I am talking about THE algorithm. That got everyone into a 

My strategy needed to be developed. I needed to think about every element of account.
I needed to break down every element and think about how it helped me serve my purpose. How I could convey my mission.



My profile, my stories, my captions, my posts. 



That was pretty overwhelming.
A lot of trial and error.
A lot of tears (when you put yourself out there it can be pretty intense.)

But then I went back to what I knew.
I comprised 12 strategies. 



12 Strategies that would improve my engagement and my following.

12 Strategies that would help me discover likeminded people on Instagram.

12 Strategies that would help me serve my purpose.


Next, my focus turned to captions. I wanted to really deep dive into how I could harness and utilise my captions to inspire, educate or entertain.

My 12 strategies, combined with my internal workbook and strategy formula has helped me to grow my account and my engagement back to what it was. And what more?


It can help you too. And why?


Because all I have done is follow the steps.

And now your Instagram can be transformed too.

Let's talk about the package...

The Instagram Package.


This is the Instagram package that we are sharing:


12 Instagram Strategy Course

12 Instagram Strategies, I am talking real strategies that you can apply to your account right away. In this mini-course, you will be learning 12 strategies that you can use to grow your account with engaged followers.


12 Instagram Strategy Workbook 

This workbook will help you apply the strategies and knowledge from the mini-course to your own account.


12 Instagram Strategy Checklist

This is a checklist of all the things that you should be doing daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.


App Resource Bank

In this resource are a load of tried and tested applications to raise your Insta game


Instagram Captions Formula Workbook

This workbook is designed for you to apply a simple caption formula to your Instagram captions.




The Instagram Package is all about giving you the tools and understanding you need to grow your account with a tribe of an engaged following, who want to be part of your mission too.



The package is designed to be simple to understand, short enough to be able to implement quickly and hands-on so that you can apply all that you learn to your own account. 





Who is Chloe and how can she help?



Hey Future Insta Babe!



My name is Chloe and I am a marketer, influencer, blogger and entrepreneur.


I run an alternative accountancy firm with my partner and I have blogged about business and wellness for both our company and freelance for 4 years.


We travel around the world and in May of 2018 we made the decision to head to Barcelona to remote work for 3 months with our Chihuahua, Hugo, before heading to Japan (Hugo is giving that one a miss).


We set up Vibe and Flow because I had an energetic pull to serve, to help YOU  reject the social norms to live the best version of your life. It also goes hand in hand with our belief system that you can have a business and a lifestyle blend.


I am not going to lie to you, I always thought being a ‘business woman’ would mean that I would have to make a lot of sacrifices. 

I always believed that it would be hard.


But then I entertained the idea of being in alignment with your purpose and your business.


In alignment with my task list by taking inspired action.

By vibing with the people I interacted with, both online and in business.


I truly believe that you can create a business that serves others as well as yourself.

I truly believe you can feel aligned with your mission and your ideal client.

I truly believe we all have a purpose, we just need to find it.


Through my courses and create a business that fulfils you and inspires you to live the best version. downloads I am on a mission to help YOU

From here you have 2 options:

Spend countless hours researching strategies that you may or may not be able to apply to your account. 

Watch hours of free material, read the books, the blog posts, listen to the podcasts. Sift through the ‘fluff’.

I am not saying that this is not an option, I  mean hey, its what I did! But knowing now that I can just take a course to learn exactly what I need to know, I so would of. Especially as the course comes with a hella load of resources that can help apply the knowledge you learn to your own account. 

Option 1

The other option you have is to buy this super valuable Instagram package. 
The course can be taken in just over half an hour, and the strategies can be applied right away. With no further monetary investment required. The captions formula is ready to go so that you can use it within your next post. Utilise the best tried and tested apps. Implement the strategies using the workbooks and start seeing results.
This is the quicker, more efficient way. 

Option 2