The Actionable Side of Manifestation Ebook-Workbook Hybrid.


Create your consistency plan and manifestation road map.

Explanation of what The Actionable Side of Manifestation really looks like.

Design your road map to help you manifest your goals by focusing on the process.

Create your own tool called the 'control panel' which will help you become consistent with ONE power habit.

Create your personal manifestation toolbox. 

Please note that if you are a Vibe and Flow member you will have access to this via the member's area once it is launched. 

This Ebook-Workbook hybrid is all about...


...falling in love with the process.

Do you ever feel a little lost?

Or do you sometimes you have moments of clarity but then struggle to be consistent with the follow through? 

Not from lack of desire, ability or knowledge, but rather, clear, direction?

Do you wish you could harness those bursts of motivation when you do have them? Do you wish you could create your own road map and tool to keep you consistent?

This ebook-workbook hybrid is all about falling in love with the process again. I will be guiding you through what the actionable side of manifestation means and how to use it to create the following:

  • A manifestation roadmap. This will help you map out your steps to show up for your ideal life.

  • A toolbox to call upon when you are feeling low, or in need of some inspiration.

  • And last but certainly not least is my favourite part. We are going to be walking you through how to create your control centre. A tool that will help you be consistent by adhering to ONE simple POWER habit that takes 4 minutes a day.