October 19, 2017

What do boss badasses need? Killer makeup that will make it easy to be on the go. What am I going to give you? Exactly that. Here I am going to give you my top 5 products that have girl-on-the-go vibes. They are travel-friendly. Pretty damn impressive quality and will be very impactful to your overall makeup look. So here are the 5 pieces that you need. Like right now.



ABH Foundation Stick

Fabulous on the go this creamy foundation is high coverage. And a little bit goes a long way!I love this product as an entrepreneur as it is small, requires no brush to blend and as it is solid- doesn't count as my liquid allowance when I travel. Discovering this product was a small win in itself.


NudebyNature Concealer stick

OHMYGOD. This concealer is the prettiest most Instagrammable concealer I have ever owned. It's that beautiful rose gold copper shade. But aside from that perk, the product is so high coverage and so creamy. It again, like the ABH foundation is a solid product so ideal for being on the go and as it is solid- there is no risk of in-bag spillage.


Primark Lip Crayons

I am going to throw a curve ball at you now, but I was pleasantly surprised by Primark's lip products recently. The lip crayons came in crazy, bold colours, they were creamy, and although they didn't last all day like it's higher-end cousins, I was pretty impressed. I liked these as they allowed me to go out of my comfort zone with colour.


NYX Powder

Ok, so aside from the obvious use of this powder I want to talk about another way I use it. I like to use this powder when I need my makeup to last for an extra amount of time. So I apply moisturiser, then I would apply this product BEFORE foundation. Yes, you have heard that right! Now the key thing to note here is only using a little bit and when you apply your foundation over the top do not use a brush. Press the product into the skin. A brush will move the product around on the skin and in this instance, this is not what you want.


Huda Beauty Lashes.

They last ages, when you take care of them. They are comfy to wear. They come in so many styles to suit your personality and needs. Huda Beauty Lashes are amazing. But the real reason that they made this list? They upgrade your look within seconds, and in my opinion, they are super easy to apply. I hope that this has given you a good start with your makeup product shopping list! For more support on your journey, join our free makeup group!




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