Get intentional with your money. 



Being intentional with your money isn’t about being ‘tight with your money’ but rather purposeful. It is important that money has a place to flow to, an intention behind it.



 It starts with becoming aware of your incoming and outgoings and then evaluating whether they are in alignment with the life you want to lead.



In this personal budgeting bundle, we are sharing how to not only set a personal budget but how to maintain a personal budget.



This is the actionable side of money mindset,  getting your head out of the sand and taking your power back…



In this bundle, you will receive:


* Personal Budgeting Tracker. Available as Excel and Google Sheets.
* Personal Budgeting Tracker Tutorial. How to start and maintain a personal budgeting tracker (Link found on the first page of Personal Budgeting Tracker).
* Monthly Review Prompts Template. To ensure your money and mindset is in alignment with the life you want to lead. 



This bundle is about applying mindset and action to your everyday life in a very tangible way. 

This bundle will help you create your own personal money ritual; this is not about downloading a budget once and it collecting virtual dust, this is about creating a working budget that you create, tweak and revisit monthly. 



*What Happens After You Check Out.*

After you have purchased this bundle, you will receive a zip file with all of the contents of the bundle. The Tutorial can be found on the first page of the Personal Budget Tracker. 


You will be able to download the resources immediately and it will also be emailed to you. 

If you have any questions about this product or any other Vibe and Flow products please feel free to reach out to

The Intentional Personal Budgeting Tracker.