Totally Overwhelmed and Anxious?

Disclaimer. This does not constitute as medical advice. This is purely from a manifestation point of view. Please feel free to stop reading at any point once you have gained what you need.


Ok, first of all you are not alone. So many of us get this but do not worry, you can take your power back.

First, relax your shoulders, then pull them back, so your chest pushes out slightly. Sit or stand up straight and take a deep breath. We tend to really tighten up when we are overwhelmed and anxious so this is a physical way of snapping yourself out of it.

Next smile. I know this may not be what you want right now, and it may not feel natural but that is ok as we are changing your vibration.

Smile some more. I mean it, give me your cheesiest grin.

Now, loosen up, dare I say dance a little. If you are out in public and don't want to do that simply move or roll your shoulders.

Ok. That was the first phase, we needed to physically get you out of that place.

Now. Let's talk you down from your fear, which I am guessing has led you here.

A question to ask yourself...

Will this matter in a year?

A client leaves. Someone is angry. You embarrassed yourself. Your to-do list is crazy.

Whatever it is, will it matter in a year? Be serious now- will it?

If you are thinking: "Yes Chloe, it will matter as I have no idea what to do about XYZ".

Ok, lack of knowledge and direction is learnable.

And as for your perception on this situation, we can do something with that too.

To to that we need to bring back gratitude. Wherever your mind is at right now,

I challenge you to think of 5 things.

Can you breath on your own? That is something to be grateful for.

Have you got clothes on your back? That is something to be grateful for.

Are you able to access the internet? That is something to be grateful for.

Do you have half an hour a day to do something you want to do? That is something to be grateful for.

Know that the Universe has your back. You are not alone. Ask for guidance. Ask a question. Ask for a sign.