Goal Setting Masterclass

In this masterclass we are going to be looking at goal setting using manifestation and mindset techniques.

Masterclass: Working With Vibrations.

Module 2: The Goal Setting Processs.

In this module we are going to be walking through the process of setting controllable goals. Summary:

  • By choosing 1-3 words for the time period in question, you can gain clairty and focus.
  • From those 1-3 words you must establish where your focus needs to be more specifically to reflect those intentions.
  • For example, if one of your words is 'growth' how do you want that to translate into your life in the next 90 days? Does that apply you personal growth, business or a social media following? Double down on that and understand what it means in a tangible sense.
  • From there you need to decide on your controllable goals that will help you get nearer to that focus. If you goal is business growth, perhaps this comes down to increasing and diversifying income streams. A controllable goal that reflects this could be to create a new service or product.
  • Controllable goals shift your focus to falling in love with the process and having fun which helps you manifest your bigger goal quicker.
  • Breaking the controllable goals down into little steps even further and commiting to a time that you will work on them will help you take actionable steps to manifest your goal. Asana is a great tool to do this on.
Assignment/ Action Point. Time Estimate: 5 minutes. Work through this process as a 'first draft'. I want you to try and do this in 5 minutes as then there is less pressure to it all and therefore less resistance. This is only to get the ball rolling. However when I personally did this exercise, the 5 minute plan I created was not too different from the end result. Milestone: To feel as if you have a little more clarity with HOW to work out your goals.

Module 4: Creating Your Control Panel

In this video training, we are going to be looking at what is included in your control panel. Summary:

  • There are many things you can include on your control panel. They include: -High vibe list. -Acting as if and the bridge, -Free flow reality. -Check in questions. -Power questions. -Habit Tracker. -Alter ego / higher self vision. -5 year vision. -Standards -Mission statement. -Implementation statement. -Best average day schedule. -Best version of me images. -Routines and rituals.
Assignment/ Action Point. Time estimate: 5 minutes. Start listing down all the things you want to include in your control centre. Milestone: Visiting your control centre daily.

Module 1: Creating The Vision Board

In this video training, we are going to look at vision boards and how to create one that is actually a tool as opposed to a random sheet of paper with some cut outs on. Summary:

  • There is no 'wrong' way to do a vision board if it serves you, but focus on internal goals and meaning.
  • Challenge yourself to write down 300 things you want to attract into your life. This will be hard to do but try and do it over a few days. This exercise pushes for clarity.
  • From the things that you decide to take off your list to put on this current vision board, I want you to write them down and out them in your manifestation box.
  • You want to find a style that suits you, not just a load of images put together.
  • Add in affirmations, quotes, messages to yourself. Remember this is a tool for your mind. Make it as clear as possible.
  • Include a 'main goal' as well as a mix or large and small goals.
  • Choose 1-2 words for the time period in question, for example a year. My two words for 2019 were consistency and communication.
  • Decide on a design. From minimalistic, to collage to design print.
  • Put your vision board in a place where you will see it. Also create copies for your wallpaper on your laptop, tablet and phone.
  • Take a few days to create your vision board. Do not rush it.
  • For the images you pick to represent your vision, ensure they have emotional pull.
  • Your vision board should be something you see and reflect on daily. It should offer focus and consistency.
  • Write little exerpts from a place of already having.
  • Identify the traits that the version of you living this life has.

Assignment/ Action Point. Time Estimate: 5 minutes. To start your list. I am certainly not expecting you to write out all 300 in 5 minutes but create a note in your phone or take a page in your journal and START the list. Milestone.
To understand one thing that you want to accomplish in 2020 with crystal clarity

Module 3: Creating Consistency.

In this video training we are going to talk about a tool that you can create that will help you focus more consistently. Summary:

  • You cannot give your mind too many habits to start with, but you have all these goals you want to hit so what is the soltuion?
  • Creating one intentional statement and one control centre that you visit twice daily.
  • Not as crazy or as time consuming as it sounds. It could be just looking over your control centre while you clean your teeth.
  • Your intentional statement is also within your control centre.
  • Your intentional statement is one commitment that you choose to make a standard, a non-negotiable that you will do frequently and consistently.
  • Your control centre is a space away from your desk, perhaps on another wall, the back of the door or your wardobe that will have all the reminders and inspiration as to where you are going. Include vision board imagery, quotes, wall planners, calendars, power questions and more.
  • The idea is that you 'visit' your control panel once- twice a day as a habit and by simply consuming it- you will be programming your subconsious mind and gaining focus.
  • As long as it is set up with the right foundations. Which we are covering in module 4.

Assignment/ Action Point. Time Estimate: 2 minutes. Decide where you are going to put your control centre. Milestone: Understand what STOPS you from being consistent.

If you have any questions, please ask away on chloe@vibeandflow.com