Avenir Light

We totally understand that when you are on your self-development journey, you will have different levels of funds to invest. We want to help you curate a life and business that is beautiful and enables you to serve yourself, your family and others. So we have different entry points based on your budgets so that we can up-level and grow with you. 

There are so many downloads to purchase, there really is something to suit everyone. I will be honest with you, the reason I am able to offer these downloads at a very good price is that they are already done. 


But these are the exact resources that I have personally used, the same ones that I have used with my 1-1 clients and they love them too! They really are fantastic resources that you can work through at your own pace. 



You can view all the resources on the shop.


This is the one to opt for if you want a kick up the butt to start taking time for YOU.  To actually be on your manifesting game. To develop mental strength and resilience. 


Our membership is for you if you want (or need) constant reminders to stay on track.

You will receive weekly content, sent straight to your inbox.

You will receive weekly sessions. These videos will be available for the whole time you remain a member.

You will also get a members area for mind food full of magic.

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Our 1-1 sessions. Our 1-1 sessions are more tailored to you and your specific needs. We can cover a whole range of things within this session as long as it comes back to wanting to manifest something in your life or change your mindset. Previous sessions have looked at manifesting a partner, manifesting clients or money or manifesting a better lifestyle. To book your first session click here.