The Vibe + Flow Membership


A coach in your pocket, for as + when you need.

On-demand member's area where you can find 'perception shifts' based on how you are feeling.

One email summary delivered each month to help keep overwhelm at bay whilst still moving forward.

An access any time Typeform interactive journaling experience to help you download your thoughts.

Randomised emails of inspiration.

You do not need another thing to add to your to-do list.


...I get it.



So this was my mission:



"To create something that can blend seamlessly into your life. No matter how crazy life got, there would be something to serve you, but would not overwhelm you."

I have worked with the Founding member's and this was the number one pain point. They wanted work on their mindset, but they didn't want another thing to 'fall behind on' and feel guilty for. 

They needed this membership to be something they could access as and when they needed it. With reminders to stay on track. You see the key is not to do EVERYTHING but instead, taking exactly what you need.



So here is what I have created…

What's included?


The coach in the pocket service. Sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are anxious… we feel so many things.


And what thing can we always rely on? Perception. Choosing your perception and harnessing those feelings is how you take your power back.


How It Works.


Simply log in to the member’s dashboard and click on ‘what do you need?’. This will then lead you to a list of feelings that you can click through on and find a load of resources on.


Let’s say you are in flow and super motivated and wish to harness this. Then you will find a bunch of resources, from downloads, to videos, to help you build on this feeling.


But perhaps you feel a little de-motivated, then you can do the exact same. Click through on that feeling and you can discover pep talks, journaling points, and 


Or maybe you just want to improve your manifestation game a little, simply click through and find manifestation checklists, 12 Universal Law explanations and the steps of manifesting, all at your finger tips so that you can move forward.  


What I am doing here is offering a different perception. As, that is what mindset is all about: the perception you choose.

The email delivery. On the first of each month, you will get an email delivery. In this email, I will be highlighting all the newness. 


How It Works.


In the email you will be notified of the new resources available to you (that will automatically be filed under one of the feeling categories). 


But as not to be super demanding and overloading I will be highlighting just one of my favourite resources that month for you to check out. 


In this email, I will also remind you of the interactive journaling link.



The interactive Typeform journaling is a place where you can download your thoughts. 


How It Works.


Essentially it is a place where you can debrief from how you are feeling and what you need.

I can also see these answers, once you have submitted them so I can create tailored content based on where you are at and what you need.


You will be reminded of the link in each monthly email.


Randomised emails of inspiration. I didn’t want to have a schedule 


How It Works.


When I download a message that I feel that you would benefit from me sharing, I will pop over a message to your inbox. Sometimes it may just be food for thought, other days, it may be about what I am doing currently as part of my manifestation routine. Randomised to keep you on your toes!