Money Mindset

Prime your mind, overcome limiting beliefs heal, change and develop your money mindset.

Money mindset is the way you think, feel and act around money, the beliefs and perceptions you have.

Through our Instagram, membership and programmes below we help you understand how to grow on your money mindset journey.

You do not need another thing to add to your to-do list.


...I get it.



So this was my mission:



"To create something that can blend seamlessly into your life. No matter how crazy life got, there would be something to serve you, but would not overwhelm you."

I have worked with the Founding member's and this was the number one pain point. They wanted work on their mindset, but they didn't want another thing to 'fall behind on' and feel guilty for. 

They needed this membership to be something they could access as and when they needed it. With reminders to stay on track. You see the key is not to do EVERYTHING but instead, taking exactly what you need.



So here is what I have created…

The Money Mindset 28 Day Challenge.

The Money Mindset Challenge is all about taking you on a journey that will help you heal, change and develop your money mindset.


In this challenge, we look at changing your money story. 


There are so many beliefs around money that are simply not serving us. And these belief that we carry are often not ours, they are either something that we have learnt or something we have inherited. 


And what’s more? No one is to ‘blame’, but now is all about taking responsibility for rewriting our story. But for that to happen, we must understand what needs to be changed.

If you read or hear the word 'money' how does that make you feel?

Whether it is excitement or a tightening in the chest, let me tell you, I have felt both. 

But what really changed? My thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs around money.

You see they are all interlinked. They create your reality. 

So if you want it to be broken down for you, and you are prepared to take action on what it is that you learn, then you are ready!

Let me explain how it all works.


How It Works.


  • After signing up you will receive an email, welcoming you to the challenge and directing you to your prep-steps workbook.

  • Then 24 hours later you will receive your first email.

  • 28 emails delivered over 28 days.

  • Each email shares some insight into the money mindset before sharing an action point for that day.

  • You are taken on a journey to finally understand your money story and how to change it.

The Money Mindset Implementation.

Imagine waking up and being excited to start the day.  

You pour favourite coffee into a beautiful mug and write down your thoughts and intentions for your day.  

You get to create your own special blend, of business and pleasure, but let’s be honest it all wraps into one now, because you feel free, fulfilled and connected.  

Money flows in naturally, matching your high vibrations.  

I am not saying there will not be challenges, there will, but this a good thing as without any challenges you cannot uplevel.  

But you get to choose the story. Even if that’s not what you believe right now. I am here to show you how changing your perspective changes everything. 

Introducing my Money mindset 2.0: The Implementation. Designed to follow on from my money mindset challenge, this bundle will help you integrate money mindset practices into your daily life. 

What's Included?

  • A checklist. This checklist is not only awesome to help you stay on track but can also help you see where you need to work on or direct your focus if you are in a state of lack mentality.  

  • A routine|ritual that you can easily tailor to apply to your own life that helps you stay in a high vibrational money frequency.  

  • A meditation to listen to, to help guide you and prime your mind.  

  • An audio and printed version of money affirmations.  

  • 12 lifestyle change suggestions  

  • 24 exercise-toolbox to work through when you are need of a boost.  

  • Your subconscious explained. How to use this knowledge to ‘change the track’ that your subconscious is playing.