The One


The One. Customer Attraction and Money Mindset Program. 


I would like you to introduce: ‘The One.’ The One is a course- workshop - group training hybrid program.

Practical and Actionable tools and teachings using the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

Video training, downloads, tools, audio recordings including the 55 Ways to Attract Ebook and Show Up Blueprint.

Mindset shifts to change your perception and approach.

Bonus weekly live training. For 4 weeks.

For a while now, I have wanted to deliver a few different topics, that require a lot of attention. Topics that require a fully ‘all in one’ type of training style... 

But I had to establish what that looked like. A workshop? A workbook? A course? A group training? 


I felt like in order to fully serve and deliver this specific content it needed a combination of them. So that is exactly what we have done.


For the first training, we are going to be looking at Money Mindset, Customer, Client and Sales Attraction.

The One. Customer Attraction and Money Mindset.

The thing that is between you and finding your 'people',  the money/ customers/ sales you desire is a dominant belief.


A dominant belief about the inevitability of your desire.


Perhaps you have limiting beliefs around your offering, or your worthiness, or even how ‘hard’ it is to attract/achieve a certain level of clients, customers or sales. 


We are going to look at changing that, as well as setting you up with the tools and tangible mindset shifts to help you become the version of you who is ready to receive the desired impact, income and personal fulfilment.

What you are buying.

  • 4 video trainings.

  • 55 Ways To Attract Ebook.

  • Showing Up To Serve Blueprint.

  • 4 workbooks. 

  • 4 audio recordings.

  • 4 LIVE training/check-in sessions.

What you are getting.

  • A sense of relief.

  • A shift in your relationship with sales and money.

  • A way to remove overwhelm and show up for your ideal life.

Learn how to get out of your own way and show up for the life you want.

What to expect?


THE ONE,  will feature a whole host of goodies, including video training, workbooks, resources (think the Money Monday Tracker and journal prompts), and audio recordings (think pep talks, affirmation, visualisation).  


We are using Teachable to host this hybrid. Which means you will be able to log in via your tablet, desktop or phone app. With the latter, you will be able to work offline. 

From 'A'...

  • Feeling ‘icky’ or embarrassed around sales.

  • Not knowing what to do and getting overwhelmed with ‘all the things’.

  • Seeing sales as a chore, something that ‘needs to be done’.

  • Feeling awkward about 'asking for the sell'.

To 'B'.

  • Feeling in a flow state. Genuinely helping people solve a problem or overcome a challenge. 

  • Knowing exactly how to show up, with a blueprint and daily standards to show up for.

  • Stepping into your energy and power naturally and not even feeling you are ‘selling’ you are simply showing up in alignment with your ideal people.

  • Feeling GOOD as you align with your offering and invite people to invest within themselves


  •  buy as i tell people about what you create and how you make an impact.

What happens after you click 'buy'?

Once you have decided YOU WANT IN and that you are going to do this for you (that has to be the reason).

Click 'buy now'.

You will be taken to a payment page. Check out.

Within 24 hours of check out, you will receive a welcome email. Within this, you will receive your prep steps.

This secures your spot for the live training and the special launch price.

On the 1st April, you will receive your first bundle drop and special login details to your online portal. 

The schedule is as follows:

On April 1st you will get your first bundle, then on April 3rd, I will be hosting the first live bonus session. We will be overviewing the bundle, as well as going through a few extra tips and then there will be a chance for a Q+A where you can ask any related questions. 

Then the following bundles will be launched on the 8th, 15th, and 22nd of April. With the other live call dates being the 10th, 17th and 24th.

Check out the schedule below...

What if the missing piece is your mindset?

An Overview of The Program.

It is time.

This is it. 

It is time to release all of the hurt, all of the confusion and anger that you have around money and sales and up-level.


My aim here is to help you VERSION UP. To step into the version of you, who is totally comfortable and ENJOYS to sell.


Let’s release the idea that selling has to be ‘icky’ when really it is about showing up for not only your life but for the people, you are trying to serve.


It is not about ‘tricking’ anyone into a sale. It is literally creating something that someone wants and then telling them about it.


I am going to be sharing with you, my no B.S BLUEPRINT for showing up for the sales you desire. For attracting your core tribe. 


It is not about ‘converting’ everyone, it is about serving those who see your value as it helps them. 


Smashing through the idea that you need to have a huge following or huge mailing list. 


This is NOT a traditional selling program, this is about shifting your MINDSET around showing up for the sales and money you desire. 


It is about remembering who you are, taking back your power and creating your magic.


I will also be sharing my 55 ways to attract, which focuses on attracting the RIGHT kind of sales, people and customers. 


I will also be talking you through my consistency plan and the app I build it on to allow you to show up and focus on the core elements of showing up and in turn reduce BURNOUT. 

It is not about doing all the things, it is about doing the aligned things. It is about getting into FLOW state with showing up for the life you want and getting out of your own way.


What is the deal with refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer returns on digital products.

How long will I get access to this content?

This content is evergreen, you will always be able to access this content, in some form and will be granted any updates that we make included in the price you pay.

I have a question that is not on here- what do I do?

Email and someone will get back to you (most likely me, but in the name of full transparency it could be someone else).

How long does this program last?

The weeks of content drops and group calls will be for 4 weeks. You will also be notified of any additions we make via email. You have lifetime access to this content. Although the training is scheduled for 4 weeks, the content and action points will depend on how much you do and when. We try to help you break this down throughout the program.

Full Transparency With the Price...

The early bird price for this launch is £111 for non-members of the Vibe and Flow Membership and £99 for members. After the first round of the program is completed the price will be going up. Members will be emailed a special code to grab their special early bird price and yes, if you join before you check out you will get access to the member's price!

Your teacher? Me, Chloe!

I have manifested sales, money, 4 stone in weight loss, my dream partner, our dog, our home and an abundance of travel.