Hate to look at your own body?

Feel that you are unable to wear styles you like out of fear you will look bad?

Feel like you have no direction?

Have you hit a pivotal point in life?

Want to create a business that serves you, your family and others?

Want to feel happier in your own skin?

Up for overcoming the mental hurdles?

Are you ready to unleash your true and most confident self? 

She is ready for you...

How many times have you felt the following...

I look fat.

I am so unhealthy, I treat my body like crap.

I am unworthy.

I wish I could travel.

I can't bear to look at myself in the mirror.

I would love to create a business or career that fulfils me.

I am so stressed out. 

I can't believe I don't fit into that size jeans.

I feel so tired, lethargic and bloated.

I wish I looked like her.

My anxiety is through the roof, how do I even get past this?

Less than everyone else.



Want to know a secret? You do not need to feel like this.

It is my mission to help you. Right. Now.

What's my story?

I have been there. I totally feel you. I have yo-yoed with my weight. I have been a sufferer of endometriosis. In fact...



I gained 3 stone within 6 months.
I felt fat.

I ate to comfort.

I ate out of boredom.


And then I hated my self for it. My confidence plummeted.
I avoided the mirror like the plague. 

I stopped taking any pride in how I looked. 

I gave others the power, their opinions shaped how I felt about myself.

I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my business.



It had to stop.


But I had no idea how. No guidance. No one really knew how I felt. Or so I thought.


I invested hours of my time. Trying to find a way to improve how I felt. But there is no instant cure. It's a journey. Something you have to build on every day. 


Over time and by using certain techniques and hacks I managed to change my thinking.


I managed to rewire my brain.


By challenging everything I knew. But after I felt better. I did not fell finished, or fulfilled.

I realised I needed to share my message, my teachings, my tips, hacks and tools.


So that I could help change someone else's life too. 


To change YOUR life.


I do not believe you are reading this by chance. I have a purpose, a duty, a mission. 


To help you on your journey.


And now your mindset can be transformed too.

Let's get down to the deets.



So during this transformation, I am going to be with you. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. 


The transformation is over 28 days. And each day, you will have an activity. Something that will help you heal, change or develop.


We always look at transformations on the outside, but this transformation is all about starting from within.


You will also have a workbook, that will help you apply the elements of the challenge to your own story. It will also be a great way to grow. Writing is a brilliant antidote for pain. 


You will also receive a recording, something you can download and play whenever you need to feel a little more inspired. Or when you have had a bad day.


On top of that, I will also be hosting two 1-hour group coaching sessions via webinar. One at the start of the challenge and one at the end so you continue your journey in a loving and healthy way.  


Like I said, this is a journey. 


You will also receive some other goodies such as affirmation cards and digital sassy prints. It's all about surrounding yourself with positivity. 


There are limited spaces as I want to ensure I have time to make sure that you are all supported.


The challenge will begin on 1st August. But payment must be made before then. The doors to this challenge will close and I will not be able to allow anyone else in so that I can focus on the babes who have already signed up.


Just think, for the price of a Zara top, you could change your entire mindset around your self-value, career, relationships and life...

Are you ready to change how you feel about yourself?

Who is Chloe and how can she help?



Hello Beautiful Soul!



My name is Chloe and I am a marketer, influencer, blogger and entrepreneur.


I run an alternative accountancy firm with my partner and I have blogged about business and wellness for both our company and freelance for 4 years. I am crazy about self-love, spirituality and body positivity.


We travel around the world and in May of 2018 we made the decision to head to Barcelona to remote work for 3 months with our Chihuahua, Hugo, before heading to Japan (Hugo is giving that one a miss).


We set up Vibe and Flow because I had an energetic pull to serve, to help YOU  reject the social norms to live the best version of your life. It also goes hand in hand with our belief system that you can have a business and a lifestyle blend.


I am not going to lie to you, I always thought to be a ‘business woman’ would mean that I would have to make a lot of sacrifices. 

I always believed that it would be hard.


But then I entertained the idea of being in alignment with your purpose and your business.


In alignment with my task list by taking inspired action.

By vibing with the people I interacted with, both online and in business.


I truly believe that you can create a business that serves others as well as yourself.

I truly believe you can feel aligned with your mission and your ideal client.

I truly believe we all have a purpose, we just need to find it.


Through my 28 day transformation, I am, on a mission to help YOU create a business that fulfils you and inspires you to live the best version of  your life. 

From here you have 2 options:

Keep going on. Maybe reading a few articles, but with no real direction or action. 


Option 1

Sign up. Change your life. Improve the relationship with your body and mind. Feel better about yourself and have guidance and support along the way.


Change the way you think, be a role model to your friends, your mother, your daughter, your sister. 


In 28 days your whole life could be changed, for the better.  And like I said, all for the price of a Zara top...

Option 2