This membership could change your life. It all starts with a thought.

There is a lot to be said for a positive mindset. But how do you implement manifestation and mindset into your day, without it being totally overwhelming?

I feel ya...

What to do when you are procrastinating.

What to do when you come across challenges.

What to do when you feel worried.

What to do when you get jealous seeing people have what you want. 

What to do when you fear failure and want to break free.

What to do when you want to attract more money into your life.

These are all pretty low vibe feelings. But there is a way you can use them to uplevel and feel empowered, inspired and motivated.

Want to know a secret? You do not need to feel like this.

It is my mission to help you. Right. Now.

What's my story?

When I first discovered self-development, manifestation and the power of a positive mindset I felt like it changed my life.


And it did.


But that didn't mean that I was never going to experience any uncomfortable situations or feelings.


The thing was though, is that when I found myself in those situations, I completely lost all sense of logic. I would allow them to send me into turmoil. Into low vibe states. Into feelings of lack. 


I knew I needed a resource that I could turn when I needed guidance. So I created the first 'What To Do When____' handbook. 



A handbook that would offer me comfort. 

A handbook that would offer me guidance.

A handbook that would empower, inspire and motivate me.


To be the pick up I needed to help strengthen my mind. 


I downloaded the digital copy down to my phone (the first draft of course) and would turn to it whenever I needed. IT was nice to know that it was there.


It helped me so much. It helped me stay true and in tune with my purpose. 


I loved it so much so that I wanted to share it. I needed to share it. So here it is. For you.



And now your mindset can be transformed too.

So let's talk about the price point of this handbook. Let's get straight to the point. I want to be completely transparent.


This handbook is full of value.

This handbook is thoughtfully designed. 

This handbook is something that has genuinely helped me so much. 


So why is it as such a low price point (£5 to be exact). 




I want it to be accessible to everyone.

But in my experience, when something is free, people are less likely to read it let alone implement it. 


I am also hoping that is changes your life so much so you want to work with me in the future. I also understand that this may be the first time you have delved into the self-development world and I want you to see that self-development, manifestation and a positive mindset can change your life. 



is a


This is a limited time offer...


I want this to get to as many people as I can. That's why I am shouting about it from the rooftops. That's why I hope that you help me spread the word.



But it's not feasible to offer and advertise it for this price on going. I want to get the word out but this is only sustainable to do for so long. 


So for me to keep spending time, money and resources to serve my purpose of serving you to help you live the best version of your life, then this small price cannot remain forever.


Take action now.




From here you have 2 options:

Continue scrolling through your social media feeds. Or whatever else you do online.


I totally get why you would struggle with the idea of paying for something digital. I never used to get it.


But, the online resources that I have purchased have changed my life for the good way more than a piece of clothing or a new video game ever could. 


Option 1

Download this digital hand book and get instant access to the handbook.


Start creating your ‘power lists’ and work through your journaling prompts. Read through the 21 situations and get practical advice. Rewire your mind and uplevel your life.


All for the small cost of £5. 

Option 2