Sales + Money Challenge

This is a sales and money mindset challenge. Designed to help you shift and up-level your sales and money game. The first part of this challenge was hosted on Instagram (hence why the video link will take you to the IGTV video) and the second part is exclusive to members, hence why the videos change to being private linked videos. Although I do suggest working through them one day at a time, I also encourage you to work through at your own pace- whatever that may be!

Sales + Money Mindset 10 Day Challenge

Day 2 | Knowing your outward energy.


Hello Beauty!

Welcome to day two! How did you get on with day one? I know it can be pretty intense...

Today we are going to do something a little more practical- a money and sales audit!

The purpose of this is to evaluate the energy that you are putting out as a result of your money and sales story.

This exercise should only take a few minutes.

So download the audit here, answer the questions and add up the score!

You can watch the IGTV video training here.

Day 4 | The reframe.


Hello Beauty,

How are you getting on with the challenge?

Day 1 and 2 was really looking at the foundations.

Looking at the story we are telling ourselves, and the effect that story has on the energy that we are putting out into the world, which ultimately affects how money and sales shows up in our lives.

Day 3 was more about the start of the shift. Looking at the energy that money represents instead of the lack of it in our lives.

Today, in day 4 we are going to look at the process of reframing.

You can watch the IGTV video training here.

Day 1 | Knowing your story.

Warning- this is a long one as we are setting the foundations but take it at your own pace! Watch the training here. DAY ONE

Ok, so day one, how do you feel? Excited? Scared? Nervous? How do you want to feel?

How to do you want to feel after this 5-day challenge?

Do you know what is an exciting thought?

You could be just one ‘aha’ moment away from unlocking your money flow. It may be that you need to step into and become the version of you who is READY to receive. I think today’s session will help with that.

Watch the IGTV video here.

Ok, so to come from this from a different perspective we are going to think about money as if you were in a relationship with it.

For example, imagine it is your significant other. How do you show up? Let’s look at this deeper.

Do you respect money?

Think about it, respect is a big thing within a relationship.

So how do you spend money? This is a form of respect. Think about your purchases are they reflective of your ideal life or are they stuck in a pattern?

Identify your values and make sure that every purchase is in alignment with that.

Let’s say self-improvement and growth is one of your values, then for example, do you invest in yourself? Whether that is good food, a mindset program or an app that will help you move your body - do you invest in bettering yourself? Or are you wasting it away on things that do not serve you?

To stress, there is no judgement from me as to what you spend your money on, but I urge you to ensure you spend within your value system.

How do you speak about money? Can you imagine if you kept putting your partner down and spoke badly about them behind their back?

They wouldn’t want to stay in your life for very long and even if they did it would not be a healthy relationship.

But apply this same idea to money and think about how you speak about money.

Imagine your partner going out to see their friends or to work or even just to run an errand like popping to the shops. How do you act?

Do you get angry and upset with them? Do you worry whether they will come back? I am guessing not, but this is what so many do when MONEY leaves.

So many people get angry and upset and worried about its return. They begrudge paying bills, but money is MEANT to flow.

And those very bills allowed you to have something.

Something in your life, whether that is a roof over your head or an experience.

So bring back the gratitude.

When money leaves your account, thank it for its service and say “there is more where that has come from” as you know it WILL come back to you.


Talking of gratitude, it is important to make space for the money. This is the same as making room for your partner. So give it a purpose, a place to flow to.

And continuing on the theme feeling gratitude when money flows into your life and out.

When you make a sale or money flows into your life, thank it, and thank the person who is investing energy into you and your business.

Remember this is all about energy flow. FEEL the gratitude for money REGARDLESS to whether it is flowing in or out.

After all, you wouldn’t only feel grateful for your loved one when they are right next to you, you would feel grateful for them always.

When you see or hear the word money, how do you feel?

Excitement? Love? Fear? Anger? Scarcity?

Now, again bring this idea to your partner. Imagine how you feel when you hear their name. You wouldn’t feel anger or fear, you would feel love, and joy.

But so many of us FEAR money, or rather the lack of it.

We have deep-rooted beliefs around the idea of money and this leads to this irrational feelings.

How you feel when you hear or see the word ‘money’ and/or 'sales' is a good indication as to how good or bad your relationship is with money.

Your primary socialisers.

When we look at our parent’s relationship, it says a lot about our own learned beliefs around love and relationships and money is no different. It is the same with our culture’s mindset around money, it all plays a part in our money relationship in the same way it would if it were a romantic relationship.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”.
“Do you think I am made of money”.

All the things you may have heard growing up. Our beliefs around money are instilled in us by the age of seven.

SEVEN! That’s crazy, right?! That, added with all the ‘proof’ you find to ‘back up’ your beliefs creates your relationship with money. I say ‘proof’ as it is only what your subconscious mind is set out to ‘find’.



You may have seen this coming, but here is the plot twist: you ARE in a relationship with money. And although in some of these examples it sounds crazy, the idea was to HIGHLIGHT your potentially damaging flaws with your relationship with money.

Action Step.

So, with all this in mind, here are some prompts to journal. See what comes up. Your relationship with money is highly linked with sales. Watch the training here.

Day 3 | The biggest mindset mistake we make with money.


Hello Beauty,

Welcome to day three!

Today I wanted to share with you the biggest mistake that we make within our mindset when it comes to money and sales.

Are you ready for it?

We focus on the lack of money and sales- instead of the energy that money represents!

Watch the video below to hear more about what this looks like in an actionable sense. I have also included the VERY simple PDF/ diagram that I use to evaluate where my head it at (it will make sense when you watch the training).

You can watch the IGTV video training here.

Day 5 | The vibration of feeling good.


Hello Beauty,

Day 5 Ok, so it is the last day of the challenge! How are you feeling?

Even if you have had one moment which has ‘made you think’ I am seeing this as a win. This 5-day challenge really is just scratching the surface, so if you want more, be sure to sign up to the membership and continue this challenge next week!

Today, we are going to leave you on a lighter note (I know these 5 days may have been heavy) I want you to brainstorm how you can have more fun. You see, the more fun you have, the more customers, sales and money you attract. It really is that simple.

People pick up on your vibes and if that vibration is that of GOOD, ABUNDANCE, FUN, they want in too.

Of course, what you are selling must be aligned too, but to better explain my point, have you ever walked into a room and felt a ‘weird vibe’? No one needs to say or do anything, you just pick up on it, right? And when you create products and services from a place of scarcity and stress, that shows. So bring it back to fun. How can you have more fun/ joy in your life and business?

Here are some of my personal favs…

Work-wise... I like to work in Hyperfocus sessions. I like to use my crackling candle to work to (it makes me feel cosy, happy and focussed). I like to do power hours in a local coffee shop. I like to set days to do ‘big work’ ON the business.
Personal wise… I put essential oils in my shower. I like to finish the day with a cube of dark chocolate. I like to watch YouTube videos or podcasts while I cycle on my exercise bike. I like to make a point of cooking beautiful food.
You can watch the IGTV video training here.

Day 6 | My set up to show up- the tool I use.

DAY SIX Hello Beauty, Welcome to day 6, the first of the exclusive, only for members, videos. In this training, I am sharing my set up and tool that I use that stops me from reaching the dreaded 'burn out'. You can watch the training here.

Day 7 | Sales and Money Mindset Consistent Relfection.

Hey Beauties, Today I am sharing something that can help stay consistent with your growth mindset. Here is a link to the training. Here is a link to the download mentioned. This practice is something that I like to do regularly, and suggest that you do too!

Day 8 | Sales and Money Rituals

Hey Beauties, Today we are looking at Money Rituals. This is something that has made a HUGE impact on my money and sales story and something that I see has a big impact when I fall out of the consistency with it. Enjoy! Watch the training here. Download the Money Flow here. Download the Money Monday here.

Day 9 | Creating The Ecosystem.

Hey Beauties, Today we look at creating an ecosystem. A step by step walk through of how you can show up for your business. Watch the training here.

Day 10 | The Final Step Up

Hey Beauties, Welcome to day 10! This is much shorter as I am aware that the last few days have been pretty full on. I want this last day to be about using all that you have learnt to create your own challenge.
Check out the training here. Download the blank calendar here.

If you have any questions, please ask away on